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Fierté Multi-Academy Trust

Our Family of Schools


Our Trust vision is to inspire all to excellence.  This can only be achieved if pupils attend school regularly benefitting from the curriculum and teaching available.  Parents play an intrinsic role inspiring their children to take advantage of all we have to offer as a Trust. 

The Trust vision is underpinned by our values:

‘We are brave’ - in the context of attendance, this means that, without fear or favour, we will relentlessly challenge poor attendance and punctuality seeking all possible solutions.

‘We care’ - in the context of attendance, this means creating the enabling conditions for children to attend every day, so they achieve.

‘We celebrate individuality’ - in the context of attendance, this means we will adopt an empathetic approach to individual circumstances and needs whilst remaining uncompromising.  Every child in Fierté genuinely matters.

‘We leave no one behind’ - in the context of attendance, this means, we are inclusive of all pupils and families and we will provide tailored support in response to the need for help.

Once finalised, our Attendance Policy will be published below.